Travel Flash Sales

sniqueaway travel flash sale


Sniqueaway is a travel flash sale website owned by TripAdvisor. They offer flash sales on hotels all over the world.

Why I love it: Each of the hotels is linked to TripAdvisor ratings and reviews. Only hotels that have a 4 out of 5 rating are sold on this website–so you know you aren’t staying at some really shady place!

Why I don’t: Sometimes the really discounted rates are only offered on very select dates. And because the sales are so fast it’s hard to book hotel rooms for a trip you are planning on through Sniqueaway. It’s easier if you don’t have a preference of where you want to travel, and just want to go somewhere amazing!


gilt travel flash sale

Gilt Jetsetter

Gilt Jetsetter sells luxury hotel stays at discounted prices.

Why I love it: The hotels listed on Gilt Jetsetter are amazing hotels, and there are places I didn’t know I wanted to go until I see them on Gilt.

Why I don’t: Since the hotels Gilt Jetsetter has flash sales on are high-end luxury hotels, the prices are still expensive per night.


rue la la travel flash sale

Rue La La

In addition to selling designer clothes, Rue La La sells travel packages and hotel stays.

Why I love it: The travel packages Rue La La sells are great. They often include other bonuses, like credit at the resort. The travel packages are normally multiple nights, but they also sell one night hotel stays.

Why I don’t: The travel packages are definitely expensive and it makes you question if that is exactly where you want to go for your money.